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The Classical period and Byzantium in Naxos

For some reason the Naxiots adopted a passive stand attacked BC Most the populace took refuge in the mountains those wh remained in the city were enslaved, and the city was burned and its temples destroyed. Yet at the ba of Salamis the Naxian conscripts deserted their sian masters and took the Athenian side. Many […]

Mythology in Naxos

It is said, that Zeus himself was raised there, and was worshipped as Zeus Melosios, protector of the flocks.  Apollo, who had a special connection with the island, was also worshipped as the protector of the flocks particularly of the rams and also of flowers. Ares, god of war, was once forced to take refuge […]

Naxos History

Naxos is and always has been crossroad, where archaeologists, historians, scholars of all kinds, artists, and ordinary people with an interest in history, ar- chaeology and folklore can meet, drawn by the im portance of the culture which has flourished on the centuries. Among the archaeologists to have worked on Naxos since the beginning of […]